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5 agosto 2022 | Sin categorizar

Crypto News: Cardano Sees Jump in Smart Contracts and Seesaw Protocol Surges 640% in Presale

According to Seesaw Protocol’s website, the price of SSW has already increased from $0.005 to over $0.041, that’s over 640% return in just a couple of weeks. Seesaw Protocol has seen its price increase over 640% in the first stage of its presale. In terms of its roadmap, the project has a planned pre-sale for the first quarter of 2022 and the subsequent launch on PancakeSwap in the second quarter. Initially, the token will be launched on PancakeSwap with a 3% purchase fee and a 5% sale fee.

  • Actually, every time I think about ordering $60 on Doordash I buy crypto and cook instead.
  • So you’re celebrating the scammers behind this token simply raising the price?
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  • This project demonstrates a basic Hardhat use case.
  • Digital signs (hereinafter referred to as “tokens”) are not legal tender and are not required to be accepted as a means of payment.

Stumbled on this project and looks interesting. I’m a solana guy so trying to figure out what wallet to use. I was assuming to use my BNB address on trust wallet but on seesaw it states “dont use an exchange wallet address”. Reading this you might think that it is now too late to start investing in the new cryptocurrency and start injecting into your wallet extra cash for extra personal wealth. So you’re celebrating the scammers behind this token simply raising the price? This makes zero sense when the token doesn’t exist and not one single person has a contract address so there will not be a single person who will receive their pre purchased token.

Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK) show no signs of improvement, investors flock to RenQ Finance (RENQ).

Polygon’s network was down, and Ethereum‘s entire blockchain scaling solution was affected. With the entire market down, Seesaw Protocol’s launch is bringing delight to the cryptocurrency industry. Please don’t include any personal information such as legal names or email addresses. Maximum 100 characters, markdown supported. Seesaw is the utility token for Seesaw Finance ecosystem, traded and farmed on decentralized – centralized exchanges across the Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum.

seesaw protocol contract address

Dzengi Сom сlosed joint stock companyis a cryptoplatform operator and carries out activities using tokens. By bridging multiple blockchains, Seesaw Protocol will enable holders to transfer value between different ecosystems at the best possible rates. It will do this by using the appropriate blockchain . Despite the fact that the Cardano ecosystem has been upgraded numerous times, the adoption of smart contracts was a watershed moment. It’s also important to have a look at the tokenomics of SSW – the native cryptocurrency of the Seesaw Protocol ecosystem. The first phase of its pre-sale ends on February 25th, and the expected tokens to sell are 178,200,000.

Press Releases

Digital signs (hereinafter referred to as “tokens”) are not legal tender and are not required to be accepted as a means of payment. The material provided on this website is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as investment research or investment advice. Any opinion that may be provided on this page is a subjective point of view of the author and does not constitute a recommendation by Currency Com or its partners. We do not make any endorsements or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the information that is provided on this page. By relying on the information on this page, you acknowledge that you are acting knowingly and independently and that you accept all the risks involved.

The team behind SeeSaw Protocol has remained anonymous. Currency.comhas requested further information via the project’s official Telegram page. While not necessarily wrong, the tactic can be misleading, with SeeSaw potentially riding on the coattails of these better-known projects. SeeSaw also mentioned that a CertiK audit is pending. It was also stated that $1m of liquidity is committed to the coin.

Uniswap (UNI) and Cardano (ADA) Post Big Losses; Orbeon…

If things go really well, the rise could even continue to the $1 mark. It’s been a rough few days for the XRP price following what appears to be the latest flash-crash. There is a good chance that the token will fail to rebound from this decline. Polygon started as a network for scalability, but it quickly expanded into the multipurpose ecosystem we all know and utilise today.

You can see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. Actually, every time I think about ordering $60 on Doordash I buy crypto and cook instead. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. We will deploy our token on the Ethereum Network. Token launch allocation will be determined after presale ends.

Its creators claim that SSW is going to bridge the Binance Smart Chain with Ethereum and Polygon . As analysts were anticipating, the launch today has generated a surge in demand and SSW utility token value, catapulting the protocol to the “best-cryptocurrency to invest in” list. I feigned to be a rookie, set up a MetaMask wallet and put a little ETH in it. Went to SeeSaw website and ordered tokens. Someone came on and led me through a series of “help” options.

Guys, need help. Can I use Meta Mask wallet to receive Seesaw token?

Seesaw is decentralized and owned by its own dynamic community. Currency Com Limited is a private company limited by shares incorporated in Gibraltar under company number , having its registered address at Madison Building, Midtown, Queensway, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar. The merchant location address is located at Unit 5.25, World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA. Social media comments contain a large degree of negative sentiment.

Don’t know what you are trying to say but, you need to add bnb smart chain to ssw dashboard. Hey all I I’m trying to add my wallet and in trust wallet it asked for contract address where do I find it. Trust wallet isn’t an exchange so that is the wallet you will use.

Latest News

You created a BEP20 wallet compatible with which token? Without a contract address it won’t receive their token, as far as I have seen, no one has received a contract address. Bitcoin news portal providing breaking news, guides, price analysis about decentralized digital money & blockchain technology. Seesaw Protocol was founded on the principle of interoperability. Typically, transactions take place on a single blockchain, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin , and no data or tokens can be transferred between blockchains. Seesaw Protocol, on the other hand, will act as a bridge between Binance Smart Chain , Polygon , and Ethereum , allowing holders to transfer tokens between the three popular blockchains.

It should be noted that this cannot be independently quantified at this time.

seesaw protocol contract address

Between January 30 and February 1, the network added 116 smart contracts, bringing the total to 1,127 as of the first day of February. It’s worth noting that the number of smart contracts increased steadily until they reached the 1,000 mark, at which point they experienced their fastest growth ever. Plutus (a Cardano-based platform for smart contracts) has seen significant growth as a result of the upgrade on September 12, 2021. Notably, the network has only recently begun to accelerate, with the addition of more than 100 smart contracts in as little as two days.

” Presumably, SSW coin will be used to facilitate swaps across different blockchains and possible governance options. With this being the 1st presale stage, there is still plenty of time for SSW to continue its tremendous growth with now being the opportunity to get in early before its launch in April. It’s critical to remember that developer acceptance of Cardano and the number of decentralised applications connected to the network are critical factors in determining the blockchain’s viability. While the bulls would benefit from a swift comeback, it is unclear whether or not this will occur. As long as buyers unite and push the XRP price to the range high of $0.91, investors should anticipate XRP to make keep profiting from it.

Security Audits and Roadmap

They said I needed to “validate” my MetaMask account. They led me to a simple website that they created and asked me to enter my Secret Recovery Phrase on their website. They took my ETH and terminated seesaw protocol contract address our chat. I did this so I can prevent people from 1.) wasting their money, and 2.) filling the wallets of criminals. I was trying to use the custom token feature to receive seesaw protocol.

Selling pressure for XRP today as the network’s value has fallen below the 2022 volume control. Polygon has gained a lot of attention in a short time but it now struggling to keep up, losing 15% in 7 days of trade. Polygon , was created in 2017 with the goal of competing with and outpacing the Ethereum Blockchain in terms of speed and cost. The price of MATIC has fallen as a result of a network-wide problem.

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Some of these fees will be redistributed to existing SSW holders providing them with a way to earn passively on their holdings. The Seesaw token can be swappable between multiple chains with almost 0% commission. This is highly beneficial to all our users. However, for the moment XRP is down -8.36% in 7 days of trade. We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using

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