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Vieta, una marca nacional con presencia internacional

Love and respect for the art of music

Founded in Barcelona ( Spain) by the Vieta brothers in 1954, Vieta treasures more than 60 years of history under the motto “LOVE AND RESPECT FOR THE ART OF MUSIC”. With effort, perseverance, and passion, it has managed to establish itself in a preferential position in the consumer electronics market.

Vieta’s vocation as a company committed to digital convergence and innovation has given it the strength and confidence to compete successfully in the most demanding markets worldwide. Hence the Vieta brand has been recognized in some of the most emblematic trade shows in the world, such as Hi-End in Munich or Medpi in Monaco, as a brand that conveys the power of imagination, and the ability to seduce with each one of its VIETA products.

Our great care in the range of products we offer has caused a furor among young and adult audiences and adult audiences. User experience has been the key for us to achieve excellent results in terms of sound, design, and modernity.

Vieta is continuously offering spectacular sound solutions, where the new range of Bluetooth® High-Power speakers, and earphones, complement the traditional Hi-Fi family equipment for which Vieta has built an extraordinary reputation since the start of the company in the 1950s.

There is a Vieta product for every moment, for every room, and for every person.

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