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Our goal remains to offer products with added value and not just a list of features. The buyer of a Vieta product knows he gets something designed exactly according to his needs. We are in the era of globalization but one thing we are never willing to give up is the reason for our existence:


The Vieta brothers: inspiration and talent

In 1954 the enterprising Vieta brothers decided to place Spain on the map of the consumer electronics industry by founding the first company dedicated to the manufacture of Hi-Fi (High Fidelity) products, which at that time represented the state of the art in technology and the beginning of a true innovation revolution.

Making a commitment to excellence

Clear ideas, a powerful industrial structure, and a lot of passion make Vieta launch its first winning product: The A-200 Monophonic Amplifier (1956), together with the first Record Player manufactured in Spain. In 1965 the A-215 Stereo Integrated Amplifier was introduced and exhibited with full international recognition at the Sonimag show in Barcelona. The innovative BS8 speakers, a masterpiece of audio engineering, were also presented.

The legendary Vieta Uno

In 1972, Vieta developed the first of its renowned series of High Fidelity systems entirely designed in Spain. Consisting of an integrated amplifier, a turntable, and two loudspeakers with its own technology, the product became a bestseller which marked Vieta’s philosophy forever. With the Vieta Uno, later followed by the equally celebrated Vieta Dos, the Vieta legend starts.

International expansion

Fully consolidated as a company and as a brand, Vieta exploits its image as a modern, dynamic, and sophisticated company, showcasing its products in the demanding French and American markets, followed by several Asian countries. The unprecedented success at the Festival du Son in Paris represents a strong backing to the company’s business philosophy, in tune with other world-leading companies.

State-of-the-art technology: B10000

The spirit of Vieta’s pursuit of excellence reaches its climax with this revolutionary and spectacular loudspeaker, designed to provide a 3-D presentation of music. An unprecedented effort in which new materials and sophisticated techniques were used in a concept that was admired by critics around the world.

L'Adàgio Prestige: the International acclaim

Following the momentum gained with the BB10000, Vieta continues to dazzle the world with its exquisite L’Adàgio Prestige, an exclusive loudspeaker that captivates the sound and technology experts, as much as to the design lovers. In 1987, the product was showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (the legendary MOMA) as an icon of industrial design, and it became the definitive confirmation of Vieta’s success on the international stage.

The New Millennium

Digital confluence is beginning to arrive in full force. The appearance of the DVD in 1998, places the Home Theater as the major driver of the consumer electronics market. Sensitive to new trends, Vieta deploys all its expertise to develop a wide range of components and audio-visual equipment for homes and cars, bringing value to an increasingly competitive market.

Celebrating our first 50 years

In 2004, Vieta celebrates its 50th anniversary with an established presence in the most important European markets. With a strong leadership position in the Car Audio and Car Multimedia markets, our company successfully enters the challenging field of professional sound thanks to an R&D team made out of highly qualified and motivated professionals.

New challenges

The constantly changing consumer electronics market forces companies to keep up with the challenge of reinventing themselves. The digital revolution is becoming massively popular and music consumption changes completely with the irruption of the Internet. As it had done in the past, Vieta again deploys its creativity and technological capabilities to create products able to connect with the new demands of modern users.

Vieta broadens its range of products

Vieta Car, Vieta Headphones, Vieta Home, Vieta Mobile, four categories to respond to the latest demands in high-tech entertainment. Imaginative, desirable, and accessible products that combine in a unique experience. The radical and pioneering spirit of the BB10000 and L’Adàgio Prestige, enhance one of the most complete catalogs of audiovisual equipment in the world.

The value of design

In today’s consumer electronics market, technical quality and reliability are not enough for a product to captivate. Design and aesthetics are critical to delight. For Vieta, the commitment to design and styling is inherent to our history as a company, resulting in products with a unique presence that immediately integrates with the desires and lifestyles of users.

Innovation on all fronts

Classic audio components and ultra-compact equipment are made compatible with today’s most popular portable devices. Stylish audio-visual systems that interface with the most advanced televisions. In-car audio and multimedia components and equipment, capable of competing with the world’s elite. Vieta’s spirit is measured in terms of innovation, the true engine that drives the brand.

A professional line designed to captivate

The ultimate challenge to satisfy the world’s most demanding users. Vieta invests heavily in its own R&D department to create products and solutions focused on the difficult professional market. The result was a range of loudspeakers and other products with proprietary technology that were acclaimed in such influential international shows as the London PLASA (2006) and the Dutch ISE (2007).

The new Hi-Fi

With the spectacular increase in the consumption of music, propelled by the internet, the demand for audio devices follows the same upward trend. Vieta developed a new range of amplifiers, digital players equipped with USB connectivity and speakers, benefiting from the best Vieta tradition, revitalizing the concept of High Fidelity to rediscover the pleasure of perfect quality listening.

Vieta today: its global vocation

Vieta’s commitment to digital convergence gives it the confidence to compete in the most difficult and demanding markets in the world. Vieta has chosen to be part of the most prestigious events in the international arena, in order to showcase the power of its imagination and the strength of its ability to captivate.

Generating enthusiasm

Vieta was born out of the vision and the talent to innovate and create enthusiasm, as overcoming the technological and market challenges in its history. It is the drive to delight inspiration that stimulates us to constantly innovate more and better, to create the latest in design, and to make a difference – the latter has been a signature of Vieta for almost 60 years.

Our bet: VIETA ONE

The company launches a new subsidiary, VIETA AMERICA in Mexico, and opens new horizons in Europe and Asia (Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China …) Vieta goes fast forward with the internationalization of the brand by launching a new product line that combines the latest in technology and in design: the VIETA ONE series. It incorporates features with the latest technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, or Android compatibility. It is all about innovation, adapting the technology to allow us to link our Smartphone or mobile device to any product of the new Vieta ONE series, by just being within a range of proximity.

Year 2014: Vieta´s 60th anniversary

Vieta continues to be true to its history: hard work, focusing on new technologies and designs, always striving to offer product differentiation and value to its customers. Such is the case with the addition of Bluetooth® to the new High Fidelity products. VIETA continues its International expansion with a growing presence in the Latin American markets. Thanks to the fantastic work of the engineering and acoustic design, manufacturing, and marketing departments, we are able to bring our products with the latest technologies to any part of the world.

The new NFC technology

Vieta incorporates the new NFC technology into both its Wireless Headphones and Car Audio product lines.

VIETA: a world reference in consumer electronics

In 2016 Vieta consolidates its position as a benchmark in consumer electronics. With new product designs and modern, stylish packaging, Vieta introduces the impressive High-Watts sound speakers, which, together with the new headphones and Bluetooth® speakers, achieve great success both in sales and in brand recognition.

The Vieta team continues to innovate in consumer electronics

With the launch of the first headset equipped with Noise Cancelling technology, the SMART headset stands out for its noise-canceling technology of up to -25dB and for the quality of its memory foam earpads. Additionally, Vieta launches its first Tubular Speaker and the first True Wireless earphones.

Extending the range

Vieta widens its range of Bluetooth® speakers product line. With the VM-BS29, VM-BS39, and VM-BS49 speakers, Vieta incorporates the True Wireless technology (dual pair). It is also the year of the launch of Unseen, the first True Wireless headset in the market with IPX7 waterproof rating.

Vieta continues to upgrade and to expand

Vieta keeps upgrading its consumer electronics product lines with a new range of speakers that have IPX7 waterproof rating, Type-C connector, and expended power and autonomy. Vieta is also supporting the Spanish Breast Cancer Association, with two “solidarity” products.

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